ISBN 0-9725298-2-2 and ISBN 0-9725298-3-7

This was a 2-year project to create a large, boxed, hard-cover coffee table book. The work was extremely photo-intensive with thousands of photographs shot. Around a dozen photographs were done with 4×5 inch large format cameras and scanned. The majority of images were captured digitally. Color balance and workmanship on the image processing were key.

The first volume is a pictorial history of The St. Petersburg Collection®. This history includes profiles of the artists who painted the miniatures, and the people who developed the line. Volume two consists of an index of every piece produced between 1992 and 2004. The two volumes combined represents over 2000 photographs.

I was co-author, art director, layout designer, and photographer on this project. To complete the book we added several part-time assistants under my supervision. When the layout was complete I contracted with the printer and flew to Shenzhen, China to personally oversee the printing process.