This is actually a series of engines built starting in 2006 to display advertisement banners in a rotating format (the current version is RE4). The engine is designed to be modular with external visual controllers that can be custom built to match each partner site’s design requirements. This had the effect of standardizing the engine behaviors without forcing a common visual appearance. An additional benefit was a radical reduction in human errors as the engine automated many tasks previously left to individual developers. The current incarnation is designed to have multiple levels of fallback in case the user lacks flash or if internal users have allowed a banner list to become empty (thereby preserving the customer experience).

The image rotation system itself is designed for high-traffic websites. In order to prevent overload of the server’s connections, the images must load in sequence. Images are lazy-loaded to shorten the percieved load time.

Note: The associated image galleries are excerpts from the engine v4 manual and introductory presentations