The Fuseas Ltd. industrial trading company in Tokyo required a website to develop new customer leads and support existing business. The creation of their website necessitated development of marketing copy, marketing strategy, and many hours of consultation on how clients planned to use the new web presence. The site is fully bilingual and can change languages on the fly. The primary navigation system utilizes flash. Browser compatibility was standardized to Mozilla and IE (no clients were known to use Safari at the time).

I was contracted originally to design the Fuseas website. Upon arrival in Tokyo, I learned that Fuseas had yet to create any company colors, mission statements, or marketing plans. Site construction began only after I assisted and/or created the requisite content. My role in the process was, by both necessity and inclination, multi-disciplinary including business consultant, graphic designer, and html developer.

The flash applets are bilingual and several use data dynamically gathered from ASP. The flash applet pictured to the immediate right was developed in response to the complexity of the ordering process. The response from customers has been very positive since launch.

Key elements of the site were focused on building the brand, engendering trust in the brand, communicating the basic services to customers and ease of website sustainability.

External Site

This site design was launched in 2005 and was the primary site design until approximately 2010. This is a snapshot of the 2005 launch (with an additional robots.txt disabling indexing of the snapshot).