This is an email generation tool and work-flow. Loosely derived from Jynior Technology, this tool is used to construct html/css emails, modify links, image URLs, and test render e-mails in various e-mail clients.

Key Technical Innovations

The eGen system enabled the re-use of both whole emails and components of extant emails. By reducing the number of construction steps, the overall quality of the emails produced increased while the production time decreased.

The Litmus email testing/rendering tool was integrated right into the preview system enabling effective testing across almost every email client in regular use.

Management Innovations

One of the frequent sources of wasted resources were the frequent minute changes originating from the sales teams relating to the email’s links. These changes would occur every day up to the deployment of the email and while not technologically complex, required the use of a developer to input.

The eGen is the work-flow minimizes the number of iterative cycles between marketing and technical teams. It does this by dividing the link input process from the html coding process. The former was then assigned to the sales team. The development team was completely removed from that part of the process.